week 1- full power!

George has three weeks off work hooray! So it is all systems go as we make some real progress….

After some pretty awful weather here, we discovered a leak along this side, so the first job was a few backwards steps to fix the problem. Frustrating, but at least it happened now before anything gets too nicely finished inside. The problem arose where the eaves of the building can’t have enough space to overhang. Again, this is a compromise made so we can have maximum living space AND not be too wide to tow on the road. With all the wind blowing rain sideways under the corrugated metal roof, it was finding its way inside.

So, while the sun was shining (for now) we took off the oak soffit, let it all dry out, and modified the design.

George routed out new oak boards to exactly fit the metal sheeting. We would then silicone these onto the underside of the roof to form a seal, ensuring a watertight edge.

We also fixed extra plastic sheeting underneath and dropped the level of the soffits down past the top of the window frame, to stop any drips travelling back and in. Problem solved.

At the same time, we carry on insulating and painting inside…

DSCF4344George started making the boot doors which will also be insulated.

And these we clad in oak boards, fixed with copper nails.

Next: Our front doors- One normal size, with a window in, and one slim panel door….They begin as 3 giant slabs of doulgas fir like this.


And gradually get smaller and straighter…DSCF4360


DSCF4362A quick tea break…


DSCF4369And some more insulating at the end of the day… The last of the big really boring jobs- just want to get it out the way!

DSCF4367DSCF4370Back on the doors…


DSCF4377The keys to our new home……very exciting.






Meanwhile I spent pretty much a whole day foaming and taping the gaps inside.

DSCF4385Boot doors go on and looking really good. Shame we can’t have the whole thing clad in wood! But it would be too heavy of course…


DSCF4388And…phew! The end of last week. Keep posted for this week’s goings on….coming soon…


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